Connor Sports is dedicated to developing champions of sport. Our support goes beyond the basketball court or gym floor, that is why we support organizations that drive long-term growth in sports, including the NCAA, the NBA, FIBA, EuroBasket 2015 and the Olympics.


Where Champions Play™


As players and coaches combine the honor of representing their teams with the pressure of world-class play, we provide logistics and on-site support so everyone can focus on the game.

Support that unleashes March Madness

  • Official court of NCAA Men’s and Women’s Final Four® since 2006
  • Customized tournament courts plus turnkey logistics, installation and on-site support

Support for athletes around the world

  • Courts for the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics
  • Customized Rio 2016 basketball courts plus turnkey logistics, installation and on-site support in Brazil

Support that turns customers into repeat customers

  • Courts for FIBA 2014 World Cup and EuroBasket 2015
  • Customized EuroBasket courts with turnkey logistics in four host countries

Support for the coaches of tomorrow

  • Grass-roots movement for young college basketball coaches
  • Networking with peers and leading college basketball coaches

Engineered for Champions

To us engineering is about more than just achieving a surface that will play, it is achieving a surface that will enable athletes to compete at the top of their game.


That is why we conduct independent testing to prove our systems performance.

  • Our competitive systems are DIN 2001 certified, to ensure athlete safety.

  • We are the only sports flooring manufacturer to STEM test our floors. This assures the facility conditions won’t buckle the floor keeping players playing.

  • We analyze vibration damping to lesson the residual impact of sport on players bodies