We sponsor the Peace Games and other grass-roots initiatives, and encourage our employees to donate their time. Connor Sports is committed to community involvement, working hand in hand with other volunteers to keep teens and young adults safe and off the streets.


Building strong foundations in the community.

We support the causes that make a difference in our customers’ communities. Here are some of the causes we champion.


We support the Peace Games — a grass-roots initiative stopping gang violence

A basketball tournament to stop gang violence, started by a parish priest in Chicago, is in its fourth year. Now the peace is spreading to Philadelphia, New Orleans and other NBA cities across the U.S. We sponsor the Peace Games and encourage our employees to donate their time. We also engage with NBA stars, to support their foundations and invite them to coach tournament teams.



Tamika Catchings Foundation

Connor Sports continued to expand their relationship with women’s basketball as a partner for the Tamika Catchings Legacy Tour that commemorated the Indiana Fever legend’s hall-of-fame career and final WNBA season.

“I’m honored to have the support of Connor Sports,” Catchings said. “We’ve all seen the growth in women's sports, and Connor Sports' willingness to champion very talented women across all sports is truly appreciated. My final WNBA season is important to me and I want to make a lasting impact through the events of my Legacy Tour in local WNBA communities. I’m grateful to Connor Sports for helping to make this tour a reality.”



As Champions of Community, Connor Sports, the National Basketball Player’s Association Foundation and WestPoint, a local Connor Sports dealer in Ontario, partnered to refurbish hardwood basketball courts at three recreation centers in Toronto during the 65th NBA All Star Game. Basketball courts at Amesbury in the York community, Armstrong in the Beaches area and Maseryk in the Parkdale were renovated in an effort to rejuvenate safe places for the community to gather, learn and play. Each court received a new custom redesign and a structural makeover including sanding, finishing, sealing that provided much-needed surface renovations that will allow for expanded youth recreational opportunities.


Connor Sports works with the WBPA to help women transition from life on the court to life in the professional world. We sponsor events such as the Women in Sports Roundtable to educate women on tools of empowerment available to them both on and off the court.