A commitment to community builds a strong foundation for our sports surfaces. It’s why we support ALTIS athletes and other initiatives — to help communities thrive and succeed on and off the track.


Build strong foundations in the community


We support the causes that make a difference in our customers’ communities. Here are some of the causes we champion:


ALTIS Scholarship Fund

Connor Sports wants to see athletes to overcome barriers to winning. That is why we worked with ALTIS, a leading track and field  training facility, to provide a scholarship fund to travel athlete travel to major events for those without large sponsorships. The goal is to enable up and coming athletes to follow-through on their potential.

606 Trail

Connor Sports looks to build champions on and off the track. So this year, when the 606 Trail broke ground we were there, ready to build a place that would serve as a community gathering place where barriers can be broken, friends and families can gather and new relationships can be made. The 606 Trail welcome sign sums up exactly what we picture for this new community area, “You're on the Bloomingdale Trail, the centerpiece of The 606. It's a place where neighbors meet, folks walk, friends ride bikes and runners take off. Come explore.”


North Central College

Connor Sports resurfaced North Central College’s new track facility dedicated to Al Carius, North Central College's men's cross country coach and champion of the North Central community. Carius’ teams have won 16 national titles and won 41 consecutive College Conference of Illinois & Wisconsin (CCIW) Cross Country Championships. Carius strives to coach his athletes from the inside out. This means coaching athletes’ spirits and hearts. Carius does this by asking, “What can the sport do to help the athlete become a better person?” Caruis’ ability to build athletes on and off the track makes him a champion.


"It's very satisfying to look back and see what we have accomplished here, but there is so much more to it. I think at every place you try to find young men with talent, but also with character which you can continue to develop."

Al Carius
Head Track and Field Coach, North Central College


Connor Sports is commited to serving the community


At Connor Sports, we believe our success originates with an Uncompromising Commitment to quality and extends to our measured commitment to Talent, Time and Resources in the global communities we serve.  That principle has guided our partnership in the past and remains our vision for the future.

We partner with many wonderful foundations that include Noah's Arc Foundation and The Theo Ratliffe Foundation.  You can find these and all of the other foundations that we, Connor Sports, partner with at www.connorsportscares.com.  We do it because we care.